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Wentworth Hall Consultancy was founded in 2006 by Ian Morley, one of the pioneers of the Hedge Fund Industry.  Ian was the Founder Chairman of what is today the only global trade Association for Alternatives, The Alternative Investment Management Association, (AIMA).


Ian helped build, manage and run several new and creative financial services companies.


Wentworth Hall Consultancy has a broad range of clients.  Some of these include an international Pension Consultancy firm, global economic advice to an International Wealth Management company, strategic economic advice to a metals company focused on Sharia based structures, monitoring and reviewing the asset allocation process of a family office, consulting to the Isle of Man Funds Association, advising on start ups and other financial related companies.


Wentworth Hall has written comment and opinion pieces for major newspapers and periodicals including Financial Times, and The Times on matters of finance and regulation. We have advised and lobbied international regulators, Central Banks, the OECD and other institutions about matters of regulation, economics and structure relating to financial services.


We are frequently called on to comment to the press and to speak or chair at conferences throughout the world as a direct recognition of our specialist skills and ability to express forthright and unequivocal opinions in plain English and always with a sense of humor.

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