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Our services include:


Strategic Business Management, Alternative Investment, Consulting, Independent Directors, Marketing and Communications Support, Presentational Skills, Speech Writing and Third Party Promotion.

Strategic Business Management

Common sense and practical experience applied to a vision of the business potential is what we bring to the table.  We have built businesses from start-ups to success and sale.  We have taken over failing businesses and turned them around.  We will explore with you the strategic options and work out a pragmatic business plan.  We are also very much aware of the absurdities and "Black Swan" events that catch us all by surprise.  We will therefore always have a Plan B when the fertiliser hits the windmill.

The 1st Law of Business Plan - Most business plans in hindsight could have been short-listed for the fiction awards.

Alternative Investment

This is our area of specialist knowledge. With over 35 years of hands on business experience we have come across every scam and statistical game played in this world. We understand the real difference between the flotsam of Beta parading as Alpha and the real but rare Alpha. We can guide you through all aspects of Alternative Investment needs.

The 1st Law of Indexation - Only Beta can be indexed. indexation of Alpha is contradiction in terms!


In our opinion too many consultants just add cost, not value. Some consultants have no practical experience of managing money in markets. We are seasoned professionals. We have lived and managed money through every economic cycle since 1974. We have managed in-house, client and ultimately our own money through all market conditions. We always have a position. We understand the real pain of loss and idiocy of the herd. Our advice is honed by having the medals and battle scars to show for our longevity. That is what we call true Consultancy.

The Law of Consultants and the Moment of Truth - Consultants tell you things you already know but don't want to face.

Independent Directors

We can act as an Independent Director for you or your fund. Unlike the many professional Directors that sit on tens or even hundreds of funds we limit our employees to a maximum of ten outside directorships.  We are ex-professional fund managers. We understand the business and we always ask the awkward questions. We may not always be popular with the fund manager but our interest as Independent Director is to protect the interests of the fund investor.

The Contrarian Law of Fund Management - Good opinion is not influenced by the view of lemmings.

Our other consultancy areas:

  • Start Up investing advice and co-investing

  • Marketing and Communications Support

  • Presentation Skills

  • Speech Writing

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