Ian Morley

Business Angel and Entrepreneur

Ian Morley is a successful business Angel and Entrepreneur.


He is the author of Morley's Laws of Business and Fund Management and one of the leading global figures and pioneers in the development of the Hedge Fund Industry. He ran one of Europe’s first and oldest Fund of Funds and subsequently helped build one of Europe’s largest privately owned Fund of Funds.  He has helped build manage, own, buy, sell and mentor start up businesses over the last twenty years. He founded and was elected the first Chairman of what is today known as The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), the world’s only truly global trade association for the Hedge Fund Industry. He has advised Central Banks, International Regulators and other International Organisations, such as the EU and OECD on matters related to Economics, Markets and Regulation.


He is one of the most highly rated and sought after speakers and Chairman on the Financial Conference Circuit, speaking at Family Office and Institutional Invest Forums throughout the world. His style is Jeremy Paxmanish with humor. His strength is making often obscure financial and business subjects understandable to the layman.  He always tries to see the absurd side of markets and business and translates the arcane language into plain English.


His articles have been published in such papers as the The London Times, FT, International Herald Tribune and various trade publications. He has appeared frequently on BBC, radio and TV, Sky, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg and various international TV and radio stations.